Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Goodbye to the Jects!

All do respect to people from New Orleans that lived in public housing. My mama grew up in the St. Bernard Project so I don't look down on you. If you thought the government was going to let you back in there you were dreaming. It took them 7 days to come and get you out of floodwater. What made you think they were going to be in a hurry to take care of you when it's dry. I am not the type of guy that believes it is a right to live in the project. I also don't believe that you should have to sleep in a tent when there could be some available housing. There are some homeowners that would pay rent for a second floor apartment in the project right now just to get down here. If you wanted to really clean this up for the people, you should have done it years ago before all those babies had the chance to get shot up in the driveway over ten dollar rocks. Some people will leave in tents while the business community and parts of uptown pop open champagne to celebrate. I noticed the article said that Ray Nagin urged the government to not move so quickly to restore public housing even though he is aware of the need for housing with his "chocolate" citizens. The funny part is that these are the people that got on buses all over America and drove down here to put his ass back in office. Sometimes you get what you ask for. You know these black politicians in New Orleans have run the city for the past 30 years. They messed up HANO, the school board, the police department, city hall and almost every other area of city government. Now they want to have this attitude that its all the poor people's fault that things are the way they are. In reality it is because we keep voting for the fools based on the color of their skin. Thats why I voted for Mitch Landrieu and not Ray Nagin. If your brother keeps wrecking your car when he drives it, why would you keep giving him the keys.

Somebody come and get these flooded vehicles and boats off of the streets!

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