Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More FEMA B.S.

There are two reasons why I shouldn't have taken this story about the FEMA money personal. The first reason is that I didn't get anything from them. The second reason is that I didn't get anything from them. The reason I am taking it personal is because we all know what's coming next. They are going to start arresting some poor brothers and sisters and parade them around like the worst human beings on the planet for buying some rims or getting their hair did. Let me break down what happened with this story about the FEMA money being misused. See, what happened was the government was looking so bad for leaving all those people stuck for days that they were giving out money to everyone with a claim number. Now, some of these people didn't really lose anything so they didn't need to buy clothes and necessities. No one told them what they couldn't spend it on so they had fun. Trust me, there was no one who took the full hit of the storm that bought Saints season tickets. No one should have used the debit card to pay for vacations or Gucci Bags and stuff. As far as the people that took some of that money to relax a little, I think being stranded for seven hot ass days in New Orleans without ice water was worth at least one table dance and a shot of Crown. That might have been the one trip that kept somebody from shooting five people. The real situation is that the government built a levee that was so poorly designed that we were doomed to be in the situation of needing their help anyway. We deserved more than what we got. I could easily make the case that everyone should have gotten 50,000 for pain and suffering and it wouldn't bother me one bit. Nothing pisses me off more than the media or someone in government making the assumption that we were trying to get over on the tax payers of America by spending a few funky ass dollars in place of all our possessions and the safety of our love ones. I know a whole bunch of people from this area of all races and I don't remember talking to a happy one during the whole ordeal. It's not our fault they didn't check all the addresses. That explains why all the people who really needed some help had to stand on one leg and bark like a dog to get some. All the funds went to fake people. It's stories like this that make people not understand truly what the hell happened to everybody. Their might actually be people who think we were excited about standing in a six hour line for a 300.00 Red Cross check like a damn bum. When you control the media, you control how people think. Stories like this makes us all look like a bunch of no good jackasses.

I got a proposition for the government since they are so concerned with 2300.00. I can personally guarantee that everyone from New Orleans will give you 2300.00 each if you can do the following things. First, give us back all the time of the lives that were taken. Then replace all of our pictures, trophies, keepsakes and family heirlooms. Then, rebuild all the houses our families worked hard to pay for and put all of our friends back where they were so we can be together again. After all of that, remove all the pain, confusion, depression, homesickness, money problems, grief, aggravation, anger and post traumatic stress. If you can get that done, then I will be happy to be the first one in line with a check for 2300.00 that I didn't even receive. If you can't do that, then do just like allot of us had to do. Take it as a lost, suck it up and try to move on. That 1.4 billion dollars ain't nothing compared to what we have been through.

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Another Conflict Theorist said...

This is a great post. I want to add one more caveat. Folks in positions of privilege always wants to think the worst of poor members of society. Everyone who either a) blames the victims of the Katrina tragedy or b) simply doesn't give a damn about poor blacks leapt at this story. These apologists for the Bush administration want desperately to believe that everyone was looting or spending FEMA money on jewelry. They won't let any evidence to the contrary convince them otherwise.