Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unfortunate Similarities

First of all I want to let everyone know that I am okay. 

If Isaac hadn’t decided to make his slow journey through the state of Louisiana I would have been at Commander’s Palace with my employees today. I had plans to wear my Saints tie and everything. I would have taken a few minutes of silence for my grandmother and the other victims of Katrina like I always do on today and moved on as best I could. 

I don’t know what is about hurricanes in South Louisiana and August 29th. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take that day off of the calendar around here. It was seven years ago on this day that might life literally changed forever. It’s the reason I left for higher ground for this storm. Thanks to my employer I have a room in Baton Rouge. I know the storm passed here too but there are no levees to worry about and that’s enough for me to feel safe.

 I have a problem dealing with any storm that I know is going to have a surge that may affect levees. I would go so far as to admit that I am a bit afraid of storms like that. I don’t think I ever actually used those words before but it’s true. I don’t feel uncomfortable saying it. It’s valid. Losing someone you love in that situation makes it difficult to accept that the new levee system is going to stop it from happening again. It looks impressive but it’s not battle tested and I didn’t want to take the change. I’m not mad at anyone for staying but I understand the rationale of anyone who left. 

My home and my city took a beating from Hurricane Isaac but survived. Unfortunately my friends and neighbors in a few surrounding areas didn’t make out so well. To the people of Plaquemines Parish and Laplace I understand what you are going through. The thing to remember is that you still have your lives and all the homes can be replaced. I hardly ever think about material things I lost in Katrina anymore. It’s the people that I can’t get over.  If you still have one another you are doing okay because there’s nothing more important than what we have in each other.


DebC said...

Glad to hear it!

Susanna Powers said...

Isaac was not as strong as Katrina or Gustav but stayed too long and so the water piled up. lots of trees across streets and stoplights not working. we finally got power on my street in gentilly but no cox cable or internet other than on the phone which had lost its charge quickly. I'm glad you all are ok. sp

Anita said...

I'm glad you are ok. Every one of us who went through that other have got a permanent pass in my book to do whatever makes them feel the safest any time one of these threatens us. I'm just glad this was no worse. Good to see your post.