Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sitting On My Porch Part Seventy One

School is in full swing around these parts. The little kids are going back to school and the big kids are going off to college. I had a talk with a friend that sent her son off to college this morning. She was real proud. I gave her props for getting him to that point but I wish the idea of young men from our community going to college was as routine as getting a driver’s license. It would be a great thing if the whole neighborhood was packing up and going away to school and it was no big deal.

I have written about 7 blogs to post here and left them in the drafts folder. I may get aggravated and not post this one.I look around and think to myself “What’s the point. The whole world is tripping and there’s nothing we can do about it.” No matter where I look all I see if foolishness. It doesn’t matter if it’s the super committee and the thought that I will be working until I’m 75 or parents in Louisiana killing their children, everything is out of order. Just Monday I drove children to a school within a block of a triple shooting that happen the night before. When it comes to worrying a conscious brother from New Orleans will become delirious trying to keep up with all the things on the agenda. I think that’s why I am tuning out of things more than before. Nevertheless we need to get back to a regular blogging schedule so let’s see where this goes.

Who really wants to pay attention to such foolishness as Steve Harvey deciding who’s an Uncle Tom or not? When did being totally happy with everything the president does become criteria for having your blackness questioned? That’s just crazy. I don’t know what Tavis Smiley and Dr. West’s full motives are with their poverty tour but I am sure speaking out for the poor isn’t Uncle Tom behavior. The truth is that if someone asks me I wouldn’t know how to exactly describe an Uncle Tom.

I don’t think anyone should be debating the president right now because he has his supporters so confused they may have to wait until after he releases his job plan and the outcome of the super committee to know if he’s a closet conservative, a pushover, or the greatest politician in the last 50 years. Emotionally I can only deal with the last two options. The first one would be so devastating to my community that we wouldn’t recover. The only thing that might save us is that so many of us are so blindly loyal that we wouldn’t realize the truth for 30 years anyway.

Who really wants to follow the Iowa Straw Poll and the Republican presidential race? The whole thing is a joke because as much as Republicans talk about their values they don’t really want a candidate that far to the right. They are just dying for someone to rescue them from Michelle Bachmann and Rick “Long Wolf McQuade” Perry. Michelle Bachmann won the straw poll and although I think her and her husband or crazy and dangerous they seem to be legitimate in how they think. If the Tea party is right and the majority of Americans feel the way they do then she should win the nomination and the White House in a landslide. Why do the media seem to be ignoring her so much after the weekend?

Is there any website left on the internet that you can’t share with your Facebook friends?

New Orleans Saints post will start after the third pre-season game and I have a better idea of what the new team looks like. I’m just getting over the Reggie Bush trade so I am almost
ready to talk about them. I think this year I am going to blog about my fantasy team too just to have extra stuff to talk about besides the news. I have been in the same league since Hurricane Katrina and the reason is that it’s the most gentlemanly and respectful football league in all of America.

So the Jay Z and Kanye West album watch the throne came out last week and after listening to it over that time I am ready to give it four out of five stars. I couldn’t give it five because there was just a bit too much noise in some of the songs. I’m old school and like that boom bap sound. The best song is Murder to Excellence by far. It’s a good album that respects hip hop but it’s not the best song out right now. The best hip hop song out right now is Dee 1 Featuring Mannie Fresh in The One That Got Away.

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