Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I just got back from taking a nice long ride through the Louisiana countryside to attend a meeting in Shreveport. I’m a little confused on why we had to drive since it’s about the same distance as Memphis and Houston and we would have flown to either one of those. I’m not complaining. A bunch of hours in the car by yourself driving through the sunshine can be therapeutic. It was cool because I didn’t talk on the phone or anything while I was on the road. I just tried to clear my head and gather my thoughts. It was a productive meeting and training. There’s going to be a lot of work involved on my end but I feel good about the changes and the capacity to do things that may benefit the community. If the hotel I was staying in didn’t have those lumpy ass beds and the refrigerator that wouldn’t stop making noise I would have gotten some good rest too.

I guess I am ready to engage the world again. I left Shreveport 1:00 PM this afternoon and that’s the middle of talk radio chaos. I gave the MP3 player a rest and decided to scan through a few shows. I have come to the conclusion that the hardest thing to do in this time is achieve a balance between being positive and going to bed waiting for the world to end (Don’t worry. I am not one of those people that think the world is ending soon because something horrible happened. Horrible things have been happening since the beginning of time. It was just a figure of speech.) I admit that this is often a struggle for me. My outlook pendulum swings back and forth at a moment’s notice. I like at those folks in Japan and try to rationalize that and I can’t. At this point all you can do is hope the death toll doesn’t rise too much higher and that their government and population don’t have the divisions that will keep the survivors from getting the proper assistance they need to move forward. I don’t even want to think about the nuclear meltdown part. I’m still in denial about that.

I guess we’ll just hope for the best. In the meantime I will be enjoying my own bed free of lumps and no refrigerator noise. I'm going to listen to the Original Samples channel on Youtube and try to figure out what hip hop song the sample belongs to.

This is an easy one from the best rap album ever.

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