Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy Times Are Upon Me

You have to forgive my lack of blog posting. I’ve been a little drained lately. Things have gotten a little hectic in the professional life. If I wasn’t so competitive things might not be as busy as they are. There was a time when no one really knew my name or had any expectations on me. Even though I try to stay out of the spotlight I still feel the need to go out of my way to show people my value. I really don’t know why I do that kind of thing but I always do. I jump into everything full speed. I take on responsibilities that I probably shouldn’t because I don’t get paid enough and I’m always coming up with new ideas and things we can do to move the program forward. I thought a lot of those ideas fell on deaf ears because no one ever said anything about them or tried to put them into action. That was until now when almost everything I have been saying has been requested all at once. Not only are new things happening there are agencies around the area who won’t submit reports or any information to anyone unless I look at it first. Even when I try to pass them along to another person they refuse. On the one hand I feel good about being so busy. It shows the effects of my hard work. I take pride in getting things done and getting them done right. More responsibility comes with that. On the other hand it can be overwhelming when it all seems to come together at one time. I’ve been taking work home a lot more than I should.

It would probably be a lot easier if I could hire one or two people to do the tedious work but in this economy there’s a lot of extra work and responsibility without any guarantee for extra manpower. You have to do more with less. This is especially true for non profits that depend on donations and grant funding. Budget cuts shake agencies like the one I work for to the core and everybody starts holding on to every dollar they can find to just maintain the stability they currently have. As aggravated and drained as I am right now there won’t be much rocking of the boat from me. I’m just like most working Americans. I recognize the competitive job market we are in now and I am not trying to put my name back in competition with all the other people searching for an opportunity if I don’t have to. I’ll just suck it up and ride out the busy time until we get everything straight and things are running on cruise control again. When you get right down to it I would rather be busy and have my phone and email blowing up from people contacting me for things they need than my director looking at resumes in his office with my replacement in mind because I can’t get the job done.

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