Wednesday, February 9, 2011

20 Things That I Hate

The last two weeks have been draining and frustrating. I must be getting close to hitting the burnout wall that I get too every few months or so when the routine starts to get to me. As usual with this kind of feeling there’s always something personal that bothers me like a few issues at work are now accompanied by news coverage of something that I take to personal and it sticks with me. The census numbers and all the stories of the lost citizens of New Orleans was more than enough to get under my skin. Me and one of my friends talk to one another throughout the day in and effort to keep one another sane. Whenever something has really bothered me I will explain it followed by the phrase “I hate everybody”. That’s not true. I don’t think I hate anyone personally. I try very hard not to because all it does it eat at you until it consumes you. Hating people is not healthy but hating situations and things is another story. I have developed my own personal list of things I hate. It changes everyday. In the interest of therapy I thought I would share a few with you tonight. Hopefully I feel better by the end of this.

1. Being bitter
2. Hypocrisy
3. Cold rain
4. Ironing clothes
5. Parents my age or older that put things on Facebook with foul language or their asses hanging out when their children are on their friend list.
6. Any leadership on any level that is not straightforward with me.
7. Out of state consultants that the city pays to tell us about things we’ve known for 20 years.
8. Copyrighted Mardi Gras Indian costumes. – I don’t like to play the old school New Orleans card more than I need to but the whole point of the tradition is for people to admire how pretty you are. That’s the reason they do it. It’s not to make money. The first time some regular person gets a request to remove a picture of them and a Mardi Gras Indian that was posted without permission the culture is officially dead.
9. Oil tainted seafood. – I know the oil is in there but until it changes the taste I am still eating it.
10. Brake tags.
11. Police checkpoints because I still don’t have a new brake tag.
12. I hate the fact that I don’t have a son only because if I did I would make sure he played baseball and got good enough to accept a scholarship to play for this dude. Wake Forest should have the number one recruiting class for twenty years after this.
13. The overuse of the N-word on Twitter. - For a social network that can be seen by just about anyone we sure don’t care how we through that word around.
14. Valentine’s Day and spending money on junk that doesn’t prove how you love someone. What if it’s not a pay week?
15. Relationship experts especially the ones that haven’t had a successful relationship themselves. If your daddy had totaled five cars and had three DWI’s would you let him teach you how to drive?
16. The Black Eye Peas – I guess the Saints Superbowl half time wasn’t that bad with The Who.
17. People who try to make you feel bad for enjoying something by reminding you of a serious issue like watching a game or something means you are not involved. I hate seeing those messages like “While all of you are fussing about the Saints and the Falcons there are families struggling in the streets.” Everyday I work with people on the frontlines of the fight to help struggling people and today we are all going to watch this game. Shut up and leave us alone.
18. Birthday parties for little kids.
19. Girl Scout cookies, spirit cards, Worlds Finest Chocolate, those stupid coupon books that you never get to use anything out of and whatever other item the fundraising hustlers at schools try to get parents to sell. I extra hate the parents who leave their kids sitting outside of the store for hours pushing that candy. Give that baby twenty bucks for candy and let those children play instead of pushing chocolate.
20. I hate anytime someone compares my beard (which is my current pride and joy) to the rapper Rick Ross. I take this as an insult. Rick Ross and I have nothing in common. He’s an overweight, untalented, fake drug dealer who raps about things he didn’t experience. I’m just overweight and untalented. That's a big difference.


Unknown said...

This list is a true reflection of you. LOL!

Judy Thorne said...

Fantastic, Cliff! I'm hoping you felt a little better putting this list out. Makes me want to do one myself.

Leigh C. said...

I don't have a new brake tag yet, either. Got to get the check engine light off first, which means bringing it to the mechanic, which means it'll take a year and a half to fix, which means I'll be tussling with my husband over whether or not we should rent a car for that week or so it's in the shop on Clearview, which means I HATE IT WHEN ALL THAT HAPPENS.

I need a list, too...

jeffrey said...

Amen to #s 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,16,17, and 19

The rest is stuff that I'll just grant you.... except #5 which looks to me like something we probably need more of.

Anyway, reading this was cathartic for some reason. Thanks for posting it.

Athenae said...

For serious on 16, 17, 19. I like little kid birthday parties because eventually they tire themselves out and leave plenty of cake for me.

That coach story is amazing. AMAZING.


BrenyB said...

Re: #20 You are not untalented. You are an impressive writer and offer noteworthy insights as a native New Orleanian.

Re: #5 Amen. To me it doesn't matter if your child is your FB friend or not, don't put that stuff out there if you're a parent. Actually, just don't put that stuff out there, period.

Re: #16 - I love the Peas. The NFL & the Jerry Mahal sound people screwed up that show.

As for the remainder, I'm with you.

Angel with a Broken Wing said...

The last one made me laugh out loud, I need to do a random post. LOL