Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trying To Be Distracted

Last week I had some things on my mind but instead of blogging about it I watched the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show dedicated to the dirty south. It was the most beautiful, ignorant, ghetto piece of work I have witnessed in a long time. I loved every minute. Last night I started typing this post and I decided to watch the movie Role Models instead. I laughed my ass off. I wish I would have watched it sooner. Tonight is game six of the NBA finals. Boston is up 3 games to 2 and that’s not good for because I roll with Kobe Bryant. Even though the obnoxious Celtics are winning I have found the trash talk rather bonding and refreshing. It’s worth the six-pack I may have to buy from picking the wrong team. I wish the series was going ten more games just so I could have something that distracts me from crisis and negative news.

We are entering the perfect storm of stress and anxiety. We have hurricane season about to kick up. The five year Katrina anniversary is on the way. All of this is taking place while thousands of gallons of oil are still pumping from a well 5000 feet below the ground and we can’t stop it. Everything is set up for the worst case scenario. It’s pretty hard not to imagine a storm missing the Gulf of Mexico all together. Even if we don’t get a direct hit all it takes is the water in front of the storm to push oil into different waterways. What are we supposed to do? All you can do is be mentally prepared as possible for when the bullshit reaches a new level. I think the next level is coming unless we have some divine intervention. You have to take your mind off of this stuff sometimes so while the rest of my local blogger friends are driving themselves crazy watching the Spill cam, I will be watching wrestling clips on YouTube or something. Katrina already made me crazy. The oil spill won’t have the same opportunity.


sussah said...

You're right, the combination of the 5-year Katrina anniversary, with the Treme show as a sad reminder, already adds up to a sense of dread. Then add the oil disaster and it's hard to stay on an even keel. But if divine intervention is what is needed, that's a possibility we should be open to. sp

bayoucreole said...

Ok, you made me scream out laughing with..it was the most, beautiful, ignorant ghetto piece of work line.I'm sorry I missed that.
I keep my mind away from that oil spill. My mind is just healing from the storm..can't go into that abyss anymore.