Friday, June 25, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Forty Eight

This week has really sucked because of my back. It’s not just the pain and discomfort. Nothing makes you feel quite as old and out of shape as back pain that came about for no reason at all. My co-workers have been looking at me all week and saying “Cliff, where’s your swagger walk?” You can’t have a swagger walk when you are leaning to one side because it hurts to stand up straight. I even took a sick day on Thursday. I never take sick days. If I had taken one more today I would probably be close to 100% but I just had to go to the office. Right now I am writing this with two pillows propping up my heating pad so I don’t have to lay down the entire evening. The only problem is that every time it seems that the heat is finally getting good my beer is empty and I have to cut it off to get up. It’s really a sad sight. I wonder if I can bring a pillow to the arena tomorrow when I go to the circus.

Now that Ray Nagin is no longer the mayor, I hope everyone can have a rational discussion about what to do about these deficits every year because I don’t know how much more we can cut.

I would like to thank Congress for messing up the flood insurance program.

For weeks after this oil spill started story after story about our dying coast and culture have had such an impact that hundreds of people call here everyday wanting to know how they can volunteer to help out. The country was rallying behind us while we waited for the federal government to come in and do what is right. Well, the feds came and in a move to assure that the other deep water rigs were safe they wanted a moratorium on drilling while they checked everything out. BP even set up a fund to pay everybody for the time they were out of work. When this happened our local leaders were outraged and rallied against the same people were demanding to come and take control of the situation. Look, I understand the oil industry is supposed to be a big part of our economy but can we at least admit to someone in another state that’s been watching us cry for the fishing industry for weeks that this could be confusing? I’m thinking that it’s probably weird to defend the oil industry publicly as long as the Spillcam is still going.

There’s a lot of money in oil and all I am hearing is how it’s such a big part of the economy. Jefferson Parish is in the direct line of fire from the oil flow and they just laid off 196 teachers today. Either we are not getting the amount of money from oil drilling that everyone says or someone is stealing big time. I hear everyone talking but the conditions in our state isn’t matching the risk. If the Texas governor was speaking on behalf of the oil industry I would say a word. If we were getting the proper revenue for ourselves I wouldn’t say a word about my governor doing it either.

I was going to comment on the bar being opened in New York named Ninth Ward. I was going to tell everybody that I wasn’t offended. Then I read the story here and in the comments section was the following from someone who calls himself rucass:

Ninth Ward style is gunfire, poverty, 40 oz.' s , nickle bags,... at least before Katrina. Do they evoke that as well?

Now I am against the whole idea and I hope Rucass has an STD. I don’t really hope he has an STD. I’m just tired of people picking on my hood for no reason. I thought we got past that shit.

Michael Jackson passed away a year ago today. This is my six year old daughter’s favorite song ( don’t ask me why) and in my opinion the best song by a marching band during a parade.


E.J. said...

Man, you're better than me because I DO hope Rucass has an STD. The curable kind. Temporary disease is an appropriate punishment in my opinion.

Loye said...

Cliff, Dollar General sells small Igloo coolers really cheap (I'm not doing a commercial for them, I'm just trying to help you out). I use one in my back yard all the time.

As a resident of Holy Cross, Herpes Simplex 12 sounds too good for rucass.

bayoucreole said...

Cliff, I used to engaged in heated arguments on the net when people made those asinine statements. I'd usually stop them in their tracks by asking them to tell me where the 9th ward was exactly and where in the city does the 9th ward becomes the "lower nine." They could never answer. Which told me that, most people who make those comments aren't even from here.
Not only that but, people fail to realize that, New Orleans has NEVER been segregated in terms of, whites on the north side...blacks on the south side type of thing. It's ALWAYS been "checkerboard"...blacks living a block or two away from their white neighbors, sometimes even closer. Anything that's going down in the 9 going down uptown and all around town.
People can be so stupid.

Auntie J said...

By the way, Cliff, I remember being in the car with your six year old daughter and Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" came on the radio. She yelled "That's my daddy's favorite song!"

sussah said...

Hi Cliff, I hope you feel better soon, you might do well to see the doctor. About the internet chatter, there are tons of offensive and maddening posts and comments out there about every topic imaginable, but the best thing is to ignore them and then stay away from the environments that bother you. That is for people looking for arguments, and they will find them very quickly. sp

K. said...

Sorry you're getting older. Welcome to the club.

I had back spasms off and on for years. It really helps to stretch, wear Dr Scholl's (or like), and do situps for your core. And Advil.

Who knows what to do about the rucass's of the world? You can throw all the numbers at him that you want, and he'll deny them. At least you get to be you while he's stuck being him.

bayoucreole, isn't it the case that Canal Street at one time divided Americans from Creoles? If that's true, it would help explain the checkerboard tendency.