Thursday, March 18, 2010

This morning was the first morning that I didn't wake up late. Ever since the clock sprung forward I have been feeling backwards. Things may finally be coming back to normal. I have a training class that starts at 10:00 AM so there is just enough time for two cups of coffee, writing this blog post, and filling out my NCAA Tournament bracket. I like waiting until the last minute so I can pick real fast without too much thinking. I have a few 13 and 12 seeds getting to the Sweet 16. My Final Four teams are Kansas, Kansas State, Duke, and West Virginia with West Virgina and Kansas in the final game. I promise not to bring me phone into the training and check scores from the early games.

We have one African American Major League Baseball manager from New Orleans and he decides to use cocaine and get his name all over ESPN for the wrong thing. Come on Ron Washington! You can't do that kind of stuff. It's a good thing only 25 people in New Orleans pay attention to baseball or this would be embarrassing.

Once we get to the new administration and all the personal feelings get out of the way, all of New Orleans will soon realize that the Inspector General position was the best thing to ever happen for the city finances. It would be nice for just one report to say the city did something 100% correct and efficient. This stuff is getting depressing.

Yesterday I was at my daughter's school and the 6th grade girls were practicing lacrosse. It was strange to see a girls lacrosse team in the middle of the hood like that. This is one of the positives to having influences from other areas. I made a comment about transplants loving New Orleans while people I grew up with are looking for help in my last post. For the record I was only talking about new jobs in the city and who that benefits. Everyone is welcomed as long as opportunity is passed around evenly. That's very important to me.

I guess I have to go and train someone now...Someone has got to find me a copy of the entire song for Treme on HBO. There is only so many times you can replay this minute and a half just to get upset when it cuts off.

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Anita said...

Cliff, there's a 30-minute special on the making of Treme on HBO tonight at 9:30 (don't know if that's EDT or CDT). I agree about the song. I am looking forward to this one.(We can hope, can't we, that with the writers and advisors they have they might finally get it a little bit right?