Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Weekend Vibe : Georgia Anne Muldrow

I got up this morning with intentions on doing absolutely nothing. I was going to sit in the same spot all day. I woke up this morning and couldn’t remember anything from last night. It wasn’t because I partied or drank too much either. I was just so exhausted that I don’t remember what time I went to sleep or anything after I got home from work. I know I went outside and had a nice maduro cigar. I remember seeing the biggest possum in the world walking along the gate. When these abandoned houses are being demolished all kinds of critters are losing their hiding spots and now we have a ghetto Wild Kingdom outside. You have to make sure you don’t have an opening big enough for those things to get in the walls because you will never go to sleep without all the scratching and noises.

The only thing that kept me from my plans of laziness was the fact that I had to go and get one of my tires fixed. I had the best conversation I have had in a long time with the guys outside of the tire shop. It made me miss the days of working in the auto parts store until I thought about smelling battery acid and old motor oil. I’ll stick to my desk job. By the time I got the tire fixed the weather was so nice that I felt obligated to at least take a ride through the city and get some fresh air. When the weather is as good as it is today it’s like cheating life if you don’t go outside for at least a little while.

I got my tire fixed and pleased the weather gods. Now I am back to the original game plan. I’m watching college basketball and searching for new music and new blogs to read. After you’ve been blogging for over five years about anything and everything you get a little lazy. Reading or listening to someone else’s work gives me a boost. My inspiration at the moment is Georgia Anne Muldrow. Her songs are noisy and full of different sounds. Her lyrics are deep and you have to really listen. Besides all of that, she has the coolest website picture ever. I hate to find out about artist like her when they are already a few albums into their catalog. All of these songs are new to me but she’s probably forgotten all them and moved on. I have to play catch up.

This song made the mp3 rotation…


swiftone said...

"When the weather is as good as it is today it’s like cheating life if you don’t go outside for at least a little while."

And to that a great AMEN! Doesn't get a lot better.

K. said...

Sounds like a pretty good day, Cliff. BTW, the Saints won the Super Bowl!

Neecha said...

The weather was so good today I jumped up packed a bag and got on the highway, sleep came down on me and I'm chilling in a hotel in Mississippi. But tomorrow I will be riding around New Orleans enjoying the good weather and sipping on something good! And you got one up on me because I didnt know about Georgia Anne either so you need to US both some of her stuff. See you tomorrow.