Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sitting On My Porch Part Forty One : A Big F#$%ing Blog Post

What Joe Biden did yesterday was a teachable moment. It spoke a lot about expectations and the responsibility one man has for an entire group of people. People had a good time with that but the truth is if Barack Obama would have whispered that in Joe Biden’s ear, every black person I know would have woke up this morning with the same look on their face they had the first time watching Cooley High when Cochise died and never got a chance to use his basketball scholarship. That would have been a 30 year set back

I waited at least a full day before I mentioned anything about the Health Care bill because I figured if the socialist government was going to shut off the internet and monitor my words why get myself in trouble. Since nothing has happened I think it’s safe. If Barack Obama is a socialist he’s a really bad one. He signed a bill that requires everyone to purchase private insurance. That’s not socialism. That’s Americans supporting the profits of corporations. We’ve been doing that for years already. Everyone needs to calm down because the bill was helpful but by no means Earth shattering. The only person in this whole process that deserves to do a victory dance is Barack Obama because many presidents have tried this and failed but he got it done. Sure there is a lot of tension now but this is 2010 and America's attention span is short. Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus will be caught on camera at a club with a dude that looks just like Tupac and everyone will get caught up in that and forget all about health care reform.

The Tea Party people really trip me out. The part that trips me out is that if you are really tired of government then you have to be against both parties because some of the same people who were getting you all riled up Sunday were in control of the government not too long ago and helped create the environment that led to the current situation. You have to at least acknowledge their part in it. If you don’t you just look partisan, crazy and possibly racist. Think about that the next time some congressman or woman comes to your rally despite the fact that they voted for every spending bill when George W. Bush was in office. If they burn Barack's likeness but cheer for these hypocrites then I can't take them seriously.

My first move as King of All Humans will be that If a person uses the phrase “My tax dollars” to describe why they are against something they have to bring their tax returns to verify that the amount of taxes they paid actually equal their anger. You can’t play the tax card with a refund check. (Wait, my first move is going to be appointing Buffie the Body and Tocarra to a position that has an office in the same building as mine. The tax rule will be my second move. It’s good to be the king!)

My third move is going to be that if you say you are standing on principle then stand on it all the way. If you are against government assistance and want to protest that’s cool with me. But if you break your leg and don’t have insurance, stay home and make a cast out of duck tape and Elmer’s Glue. That’s what the founding fathers would have had to do. Also, if you didn’t like the stimulus but your city took money for that new library or highway you need to move to another city where the people refuse to take federal money. Just make sure you have good tires and a hard hat for the crumbling infrastructure.

I believe your personal situation and position should affect how you feel about a topic. I hate insurance companies because of the Katrina aftermath and they way they messed over so many people. If we had public options for every type of insurance I would cancel any private policies I had and get those just to stick it to those bastards in my own little way. But that’s just me and my personal experience. If I was rich and in that income bracket that will get higher taxes from this I would probably not be happy about it passing. As a reasonable person I can understand that. I even understand Rush Limbaugh’s objection because he is rich and he’s probably thinking this bill will cut into his prescription money. What I can’t understand is the poor working people that follow him like they can roll into any hospital and get world class health care paid for by their freedom.

If you think all of this was fun, we still have to deal with immigration reform and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I know President Obama has some Crown Royal in the White House and if he doesn’t I will have a few glasses for him. It’s going to be a long summer.

The 1958 NFL Championship game between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants is considered the greatest game ever played and the one that changed professional football in America. It was a sudden death overtime game. 52 years later the Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in sudden death overtime. Brett Favre never got a chance to get the ball and beat us so the NFL changed the rule that’s been around forever. This is why Saints fans should close ranks and stop all that ‘America’s Team’ foolishness. America’s team is Dallas or wherever Brett Favre plays. I want him to come back so bad just so we can play them again in the playoffs and send him home one more time.

This rule change could have been avoided if he wouldn’t have done this…….They should have voted on a dumb ass pass rule.


K. said...

That Tracy Porter sure gets around.

If the teabaggers hate both parties, I'm a Cowboys fan. A survey released today says that 78% of them are Republican or independent leaning Republican.

I grew up around these types. They're too cagey to say it in public, but they believe that all poor people are black and brown, and that health care reform is a plot to take their money and give it to minorities. And they believe that more deeply than they believe in God Almighty.

Some of them are as dumb as a Brett Favre pass with 10 seconds left in regulation. I saw a video of a couple of 75-year women chanting "no universal health care." They get Medicare, which is another word for universal health care for seniors. What can one say about that?

Aaargh. I'm 54 years old and I still get poleaxed by the stupidity of the human race. You'd think I would have learned by now...

Anonymous said...

Yeah bro, this healthcare thang has shown the world how truly STOOPID Americans can be.

The okie doke has brain washed so many that they don't even know that they don't know what the hell is going on around them.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Indeed, Medicare IS a form of the "socialized, government-funded" healthcare that so many don't want.

So is the state-sponsored CHP programs that millions of children are enrolled in.

And why aren't people out there protesting about how many of our tax dollars are being sucked into the bank accounts of private citizens (the ex vice president and his buddies, to name a few), in the name of re-building a country that we supposedly went to war with as retaliation for 9-11?

Folk need to wake up and DRINK the damned coffee cuz smelling it obviously ain't helping one damn bit.

And we need to help these people along because at the rate we're going, these nuts will soon be forcing the rest of us to drink the Kool Aid.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Man I swear, this was a MHMF#$%ing Post!
I have found it fun to read your post backwards (by paragraph not literally letter by letter:). It just happened that way once and this one really worked out.
I remember how ticked the announcer got at Brett when he passed, but had less to say about the Prowess of our Saint Porter.
He took that ball like a Golden Ring, but it was all about Farve. Yeah we don'get no respect. But you nailed it, Ameraica's Team My Ass hehehe.
You really gotta write a book or something.
Just pick a topic, maybe do a Vlog with your music background and you reading narration.
This is getting ridiculous:
"If you think all of this was fun, we still have to deal with immigration reform and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I know President Obama has some Crown Royal in the White House and if he doesn’t I will have a few glasses for him. It’s going to be a long summer."
Yeah, I sparked one up over that line. Jeez Louie.
Here's to'ya, Noble Mon.

Those Pea Taggers? Of the Coming Palinate? I do have a thing on them: they are the Saddle, for the Media... the Media Saddle for the New Campaign Rules. That's all.
Walshirts yeah.
But really, since the Supreme Court opened up the dam on Contribution Regulations, we'll see this "movement" grow with Press. It looks almost like they can now stage Elections in All 50 States without having to leave the HQ, that is to say they can field the money now country wide using this Media Saddle called the Tea Bagger Movement.
I hadn't realized how important those Interstate Regs were until now that they are gone.
I mean, Blue Cross can now stage campaigns in all 50 states on a variety of issues.
At least that is what I'm seeing now.
Tomorrow I'll probably read this and just go "Aw man you idiot."

But I shit you not,
your Word Thingy Fornicator WTFr for this comment? Oh man this is great! Ready?
I am Not Kidding.

Thanks again

Beauty Jackson said...

"This is not DETROIT man, THIS IS THE SUPER BOWL!" After Jim Henderson calling the kick, that's my second favorite call EVER!