Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Television, Blogging, Reality and Local Elections.

Around 6:40 PM Sunday night Don Lemon of CNN's Newsroom introduced me to world wide audience as a guest on his show along with Terrence Blanchard. I only had two goals. The first one was to not freeze up and stare at the screen. The second one was to not cuss and say anything overly Ebonic. I managed to accomplish both of these. I want to thank Karen Gadbois. The best part about the whole experience was the reaction of my family and friends. They were way more excited than I was. If you really want to know how people feel about you do something nice and see how the people close to you react to it. Judging by the reaction I got I have to assume that the people around me must really like me. It's either that or they are faking it thinking I am going to get some big money real soon. I'm just joking. They already know I am cheap. I don't have a clip to post. I have to step my game up in video recordings. Mark another notch for cool stuff blogging has allowed me to do. When someone in Congress tries to regulate this I am going to Capitol Hill and testify. Blogging has been the greatest thing I ever started doing just to kill boredom. Anything that happens after this is lagniappe.

Despite the Saints and the good feeling going through the city there is always reminders of our real situation. It doesn't take much to get some perspective. While I was feeling good this morning I got a call from a good friend and work colleague who were calling to cancel a meeting Thursday. I never knew her son was murdered back in 2003. I guess that's one of those things that don’t come up during casual conversation. Well, one of the guys charged with it is finally going to trial seven years later and she has to go testify. That's got to be rough having to relive that after all this time. As bad as I want to Saints to win, we could go 0-16 and if I never had to hear another story like my friend's then I would never complain. That's the power of the Saints I guess. They give you something to take your attention away from all the drama and baggage around here.

Ricardo left me a comment on my last post that went something like this...”Cliff if you can not tell us who you will be voting for maybe it would be edifying if you told us who you will not have on your list."

My answer is that I have not officially eliminated anyone because everyday I get more and more confused about what I want to do.

Superdeformed said..."I'm more concerned with city counsel, sheriff, and the assessor races."

He's right and I think I have those figured out. Here is the almost official Cliff Voting Card that is subject to change but probably not.

Assessor: Lemle
Sheriff: Gusman
Council: Hedge Morrell, Marshall, And Fielkow
Coroner: Not really worried about this.
Judge: Only voting for one of them because I know her personally so I won't pretend like I have a valid reason other than that.

The last thing I have to say about this election year is that it's really strange. I just read this today about a candidate that has gotten all kinds of African American support. He has a lot of black people working for him in the private sector too. My personal opinion is that if it's true he was involved in any of this foolishness I wish all former racist frat boys showed their regrets with jobs and opportunity to grow. We would have a better city.

I am tired of people thinking we are going to be distracted by the football game so we won't vote. After all the stuff we have had to rebuild and move past with negative energy, why would we let a time of positive energy keep us from doing what we need to do. We need a little more credit for our focus. The game is Sunday and voting is Saturday. We will be fine. I think we are going to have a high turnout and everyone is going to let their voices be heard. I have to vote and go to a parent meeting Saturday morning so I am dialed into everything. I'll go to the polls and press some buttons for our next leaders, go to the parent meeting and get my opinion drowned out by the mama's in the room, and then I will clean my grill to get ready for the greatest football day ever. It’s time to bring everything to a close this weekend.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere but New Orleans right now.....except for maybe seats on the 50 yard line in Miami on Sunday.


Dambala said...

- My personal opinion is that if it's true he was involved in any of this foolishness I wish all former racist frat boys showed their regrets with jobs and opportunity to grow. We would have a better city.

I agree with you, but what I want to see him do is take responsibility for it. A leader must take responsibility for everything in their life...bad and good. I want to see if he steps up to the plate or if he cries foul. I hope he steps up, I really do.

Anita said...

If he was in that fraternity, he chose it knowing the reputation it had at that time, chose it as the place and people he wanted to be close to. If he was president, those activities were certainly known and at least tacitly approved by him. I do not think that video poker is a particularly respectable way to make money because gambling hurts most the people who can least afford it. But I don't think that alone disqualifies him. I think his sense of entitlement can hardly be disguised and it is his motives for wanting the job and his abilities that I mistrust.

Leigh C. said...

Oh Cliff, mazel tov on the CNN appearance. Now I wish I had cable so I coulda seen you on on Sunday morning. 8-(

As for Georges, he's proven time and again in all these mayoral forums that he is most capable of behaving like a chameleon rather than a person of integrity (insofar as a politician can act like one) that can get this town moving. He's better off staying a businessman and leaving politics alone - he ends up coming across as a desperate guy. He would do better to own up to the Deke insanity he was involved in, at least.

Leigh C. said...

Whoops, that's Sunday night 8-P

Your little sis said...

Well, as a family member, I am not waiting for you to get big money but for you to host "The Clifton Harris Show". You deserve it. Love ya

Superdeformed said...

"The Clifton Harris Show" should have you in an ascot and a smoking jacket every episode.

My quick list:
Assessor: Lemle

Sheriff: No vote, not sure if this should be an elected position. (Gusman is winning anyway)

Counsel (dist A): Guidry? Not wild about Batt.

Counsel at Large: Fielkow/Undecided on pick 2(maybe no vote again) Need to research a lil more?

Judge/Coroner: No Vote, since they should not be an elected position in my opinion.

Mayor: Perry, Manny Chevrolet, the old guy who wants to legalize pot from the mayor's seat, or the guy in the wheel chair. Pretty sure Landrieu is gonna win, maybe without a run off.

sassy said...

@ Superdeformed: the last I knew, there was a brouhaha over the inability to vote for only one council at large candidate -- the voting machines weren't allowing it. You might want to be prepared with a second candidate ...

And YES on Perry!

judyb54 said...

Bless all of you voters on New Orleans. Wishing the best outcome.

Superdeformed said...

Sassy: Hmm... Maybe. I've left votes blanks before for judge elections and other elections I didn't read up on first and the machines took my ballot. But perhaps the "choose two" ballots might require me to make two picks.

I'd rather no vote than vote blindly or based on personal appeal.