Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I guess it's time to get focused again. Football season is over and so is Mardi Gras. It's time to put up my Saints memorabilia until next year and cut down the number of times I watch the Superbowl replay to only once during the week and maybe once on weekends if the weather is bad. It's time to put away all the beads you fought hard to catch even though you don't have any real use for them and find a proper place to display you Zulu coconuts if you were lucky enough to get one. We've had a lot of fun these past few weeks. There's been so much fun going on that everybody almost forgot that we live in a city full of problems and things that need to be done. Since I am one of the 20 people that voted in the last election I just want to say that some of us never really stopped paying attention. I know that we have a new mayor and almost new city council here in the city. I know that Congress is working on a 15 billion dollar jobs bill which should be just enough money to give jobs to about 1000 people by the time it makes it through the red tape. I know it seems like every week Toyota seems to be recalling a different model but they will probably still outsell Chevy (Just for the record, I own a Chevy truck so don't send me none of that stuff about buying American). There's a whole bunch of things going on but the truth of the matter is I am tired and I need to recharge. The theme for the next few days is resting and using as little brain power as possible until Monday. Next week we are going to get all into everything. For the next few days I will trying to sleep as much as possible.

The posting of this video does not mean I forgive Lil Wayne for picking the Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

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B. said...

Shared sentiment! I'm going to use this entire Lenten season to recharge and set to go hard for 2010. This year started out with a bang for New Orleans but a few shared euphoric inducing experiences doesn't mean the people of New Orleans can coast through 2010. This Katrina victim thing is done. Being pissed America went to bat harder for Haiti than for us is done. On your feet New Orleans, lets get it.