Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Mental Vacation From My Stinky City

The picture above is a view of a beautiful beach in the country of Barbados. Unfortunately I didn't take the picture with my camera phone. I am still stuck down here in crazy New Orleans where something simple like picking up trash has turned into a story so embarrassing that I am going to pretend that for the next few weeks I am vacationing on this beach. Before I close my eyes and mentally drive myself to the Armstrong International Airport, let me just say that I have learned a lot about people in my short but interesting lifetime. If there is one thing I am pretty sure of is that every single person in our local government knows exactly what needs to be done but every single one of them are too busy trying to save face with their particular faction to work together to fix it. I need a city government break. I can still blog every day without ever having to mention the names Nagin, Clarkson, Head, Fielkow, Carter, Lewis, Morrell, Midura and everyone else. I will leave that to the special interest citizens who want to feel good about themselves by blaming it all on one group or the other like their representation has done everything right.

All I know is when I come back from the beach my big black trash can better still be in front of my door and when I pass a multi unit building outside of the French Quarter, (we know that trash is going to get picked up one way or another) I am not attacked by a swarm of flies because no one has picked up the trash this month. I hope the aliens return all the real elected officials and take back the drones while I am on vacation so we can get something done. Have fun my fellow New Orleanians. I'll send you a post card.

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Klou said...

Our Fair City and its governmental dealings are the quintessential s.n.a.f.u. Have fun in Barbados. Hopefully you'll return to cherry/lemon scented streets and a mayor and council members who live in peace and harmony.

Hey, it goes with the fantasy.