Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Protect, Serve and Bust a Cap

Ninety five percent of the New Orleans Police Department are really good people. They have a rough job and take a great risk to protect this city. The problem with the NOPD is that they can’t get out of their own way. While ninety five percent of the force are good people, the other five percent do some of the craziest shit in police history.

The police force has came so far since the days of Len Davis and the vice squad shaking down Asian massage parlors. I have to admit that this foolishness is getting a little annoying. The bad vibe started when a 35 year veteran got suspended for wearing an old shirt his last day on the job to honor his falling fellow officers. That bought the department about a week of bad press. Next, this fool on the Crescent City Connection just ignored the bridge police and damn near got himself shot. Today, this crazy ass off duty police woman gets out of her car outside of Treme Community Center filled with kids and parents and pulls out her pistol on a lady picking up five kids from day camp. Other officers arrived after someone dialed 911 and didn’t do anything when they found out the crazy woman was a fellow officer. Officer Ashley Terry has been suspended and the officers who responded are under investigation.

Here is the part that bugs me. You have this crime problem in certain areas of the city. Everyone keeps saying that the problem would be easier to solve if the citizens would cooperate more with the police department. If that’s a big priority in the city, shouldn’t an officer crazy enough to pull out a pistol on a parent who’s driving a truck full of school children be fired immediately? If she ever had to respond to something in that neighborhood no one is going to speak to her. When you live in that kind of neighborhood, no one speaks to the crazy officer because you never know if he or she is in on the hustle.

Just to keep it real………If she would have done this uptown on St. Charles or in Lakeview she would have been fired AND arrested today! What regular citizen could pull a gun on a mom and five children? What does a mama and her kids have to look like for those officers to feel comfortable letting their comrade go after brandishing a firearm? And some folks think brothers and sisters be angry for old shit. If that gun would have went off for some reason and hit one of those babies, relations between the black community and the police department would have been set back 20 years.


Anonymous said...

NOPD is hiring anyone they can get in this present time. For some reason this damn nut passed her psychological test. NOPD really is not respected by citizens because of such behavior that was exhibited by this officer. I know many NOPD officer's some are good and there are too many that have took the oath that are corrupt. Riley need to focus more on firing the bad officer's instead of the officer who write a damn bad check (their personal business)and suspending a model officer from wearing the old shirt (that I read they are about to change back to anyway)on his last day. I'm Thankful for all the GOOD officer's around the metro area but all officer's involved with the cover up and this gun waving ignorant officer need to be FIRED!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the lame comment, but I loved the photo you used with this blogpost. Just perfect

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

thats the mission every where
but most of us cant even ask or know to ask cops their loyality oath