Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sitting On My Porch Part Eleven......Questions

Did Barak Obama really vote yes on the FISA bill allowing the government to read our emails and listen to phone calls? If I say anything negative about his vote do I have to apologize and wait for him to accept before I can blog again?

How low does George Bush’s approval rating have to get before Democrats have the testicular fortitude to go against him?

When a Nigerian person opens up an email with one of those internet schemes about the Nigerian princess whose father was assassinated and has 75 million in bonds at the Swiss bank, do they get the same sinking feeling black Americans do when they open one of those emails with the ghetto prom pictures?

What the hell is wrong with Jesse Jackson?

After he got caught talking trash about Barak Obama, will Juan Williams be the only black man on Fox News?

Did Martin Luther King ever want to cut someone’s nuts off?

Jesse was dead wrong but why is it that every time some black person says something about Barak Obama they have to apologize and disappear but Pat Buchanan can write an entire article dissing everything about the black experience in America and still come on every news show on MSNBC and no one says anything?

Did our police chief just suspend a 35 year veteran of the force on his last day of work for wearing an old powder blue shirt to honor the policemen that were killed during his time of service who wore that color uniform?

What could the police department possibly gain from letting this story go public? After 35 years of putting up with NOPD drama, we should have let him work the last day naked.

Where are all the comments from angry suburban residents in Mandeville, LA threatening to leave the the Northshore because of all the corruptness in local government and law enforcement?

Isn't that why they all say they left New Orleans?

If Mayor Nagin would have gotten pulled over for drunk driving and let go by the NOPD, would every media outlet in this area have broken into his house just to take pictures of his liquor cabinet and found every member of his family's favorite cocktail to put on the front page of their papers?

Stan Pampe Barre got sentenced today to five years for corruption. After all that hoopla, did we really just get Oliver Thomas and a few small time players as the only people to fall?

Don‘t we need to have more people arrested than that or was this all just a set up to get Oliver Thomas out of the way for the mayors race?

Mayor Ray Nagin has a 31% approval rating. His rating is 49% approval with blacks and 11% with whites. Judging by the quality of life these two groups have in the city right now, shouldn’t those numbers be reversed?

How many people would get upset with me if I said that New Orleans East would be further along if Greater St. Stephen would have rebuilt their old church and corporate headquarters instead of going to Atlanta?

How many more years can I learn the words to Lil Wayne songs without feeling childish and less intelligent?

How can the city give out speeding tickets from cameras on Carrollton Avenue when no one knows the speed limit? I guess you find out when you get the ticket?

Am I the only person who has a co-worker who was out for an extended period of time with an illness but now they have fully recovered and been back for awhile. The spotlight of coming back has worn off so they find a way to incorporate being sick into every conversation for attention? Isn’t it always a person in a position that you have to talk to all the time for your work role so you have no choice but to hear the stuff? Am I the only one who has exchanges like this?

Cliff: I got that report you wanted.
Them: Thanks Cliff. You know I would run it myself but since I was out for months with my serious condition, I am still trying to get comfortable with the changes in the office.
Cliff: You’ve been back since last Christmas and we haven’t changed anything.
Them: I know but the doctors told me not to overload myself.
Cliff: You could always stay home until you feel you are ready to go full speed.
Them: I would do that but then you guys would be worried about me too much.
Cliff: Oh……………….We would?

Was that insensitive?


Not So Old Soldier said...

that picture is way too much.... just too much

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the last sentence. Well you have so many questions here but I'll reply to as many as I can. I read about the 35 year veteran and I can say Riley & Co. are STUPID. How do you suspend someone 15 mins from retiring from wearing an old shirt in rememberance of fallen officers. Only in New Orleans. I wanna see the outcome of the officer who felt like the CCC cops were beneath him and wouldn't stop. Anyway, next question: Ray Ray would have been all over the national news. people get mad but there is justice just for US. sorry that damn cultural diversity class has me viewing people differently. LOL! That drunken mayor should have been recalled or whatever. How in the world did he get that many chances in one night. 3.Pampe Barre should feel foolish. I think it all was a plot to eliminate Oliver. 4.Those damn cameras will make you get a ticket. I don't know whether to drive twenty and get flashed by the camera or speed thru and get a ticket for speeding. Why in the hell does Orleans parish charge more than Jefferson for those damn tickets? I say New Orleans roadways should be smooth with all of the extra revenue they receive. Yeah right, wishful thinking. Okay the last thing I will address is the lil wayne statement. There is nothing wrong with you listening to lil wayne. LOL! I am tired of people asking me YOU are listening to that? Hell Yeah, I like his flow and the song representing New Orleans! I might have have moved out of the hood but I'm still hood. LOL!!
I know this was a long one.....SA

Anonymous said...

Nothing for a week and then BAM! I have to say you are my favortie conspiracy theorist! T.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a tour-de-force. Each question had me cracking up more than the one before. Laughing to keep from crying. If you ever get some answers be sure to let us know.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you also prompted me to google "ghetto prom pictures" because I really had no idea what you were talking about. That was certainly, um, eye-opening.

Kevin Allman said...

Laughing to keep from crying...exactly.

Funny and smart. Thanks for the laughs and the thoughts.

Anonymous said...

great questions, Cliff. It was enjoyable trying to figure out some of the answers.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


lord help us as my granny would say

mominem said...

"Mayor Ray Nagin has a 31% approval rating. His rating is 49% approval with blacks and 11% with whites. Judging by the quality of life these two groups have in the city right now, shouldn’t those numbers be reversed?"

Good Question, why aren't they?

Another question are that many people on the take?

DebC said...

Cliff...Man, I am dying here!!!! Your simple, straighforward clarity had me doubled-over! I swear, my sides are hurting!! This is definitely "sittin' on the porch" with a cocktail conversation. Thanks Man, I needed that chuckle - just like that!