Friday, December 1, 2006

Thoughts from a Cold Ass Friday

How does the temperature go from 75 degrees on Thursday to 45 degrees on Friday? I need to watch that Al Gore movie to find out what the hell is going on.

I've been looking at this civil war in Iraq. The Shiites don't like the Sunnis and the Sunnis don't like the Shiites. The Kurds don't even want to be part of the country at all. Somebody needs to ask the question is there any other way to run that country than the way Sadaam did? I would hate to have my son or daughter over there playing referee. In the ghetto when two people want to fight that bad, everybody gets out of the way and lets them go at it.

If the Road Home Program is any indication of how the state of LA is going to handle major disasters now and in the future, everybody living in this area needs to buy a U-Haul and just be ready to relocate when the next storm comes. There is no way you could go through this shit twice.

If you want to see something that is equal parts inspiring and disheartening, watch the clips from the public housing residents protesting the demolition of the projects. I am inspired that they want to come home, but shouldn't they be trying to get a regular house somewhere in the city? I'm sorry everybody. I just don't think we should be that eager to get back in there.

The New Orleans media is the most negative local media in the country and I am willing to bet money on this. The way to get by down here is to not watch the news because if you do you will feel stupid coming back to this awful war zone full of crime to rebuild your life. There is a strong racial undertone……..Then again, the assholes who ignored opportunities to better themselves in other places just to come home early, hang on the block and do the same dead end activities that lend themselves to crime and death don't really help my case at all.

In 2007 New Orleans will hire a new inspector general to review and oversee government affairs. I am predicting now that not only will this person expose years and years of patronage, they will also divide this place down racial lines politically even worse than Katrina did. It's one thing for the poor and disenfranchised to be abandoned during a flood. The leadership of this city can get past that. When you start looking into how those same leaders have failed their own people by taking care of their own political homies for years, everybody's going to put on their dashikis and their afro combs with the fist on them and scream "No Justice No Peace!" to the top of their lungs. Everybody who's white and ask questions in 2007 is going to be a racist. It's already started. Me personally, I hope it all gets made public so some of these people can get their heads out of their ass and stop putting the same people in office under the veil of this one sided black loyalty that has only made politician friend's richer and the community poorer and more susceptible to bullshit like Katrina and broken levees. Just because the other man did backhanded deals for 100 years before you got some power does not mean it's ok for you to do the same thing especially when your people were already in the hole when you took over.

If someone reading this is good at economics I need some help. I need to know why even when my income goes up considerably, I never seem to have any money or possessions to show for it. I can't understand it. I don't have any bling, no Escalade, no stocks, bonds, CD's, property or anything. I'm living the same way I was at minimum wage.............Maybe I am a crack addict and my supplier's product is so good I even forget that I bought and smoked it. I need an intervention or a budget director.

The Saints are 7-4 and in first place in the NFC South. We swept the Falcons and that overrated Mike Vick. For the first time since I was 10 and Magnum T.A was still a professional wrestler, I have a Caucasian hero. DREW BREES IS THE MAN! San Francisco, your ass is next. Tell T.O. get some extra rest in that chamber of his because on December 10 we are coming to Dallas and bringing the drama.

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