Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My Dad

The Harris Men
A Father and His Sons Posted by Hello

I think that fathers are the missing link in the community. I feel like society is not doing a good job at recognizing the importance of fathers. They are equally important to boys and girls. When you have your father’s name and the oppurtunity to see him everyday, you develop a sense of pride that you will never get if he is not there. The only way to fully understand yourself as a person is to learn both sides of your parents. All too often kids spend so much time around their mother that they start to neglect fathers without even realizing they are doing it. If the role of the father can be placed back into the proper position at the head of the family then you will start to see changes in the community.


Anonymous said...

J here. You are so right about our fathers. I was and am very fortunate to have mine. That could be another reason why I think and see the world the way I do. Great views Cliff.

BigCheze said...

we were blessed with a great father