Wednesday, August 25, 2004

John Kerry on the Daily Show

How can you make the Daily Show boring?

I watch this show everynight and it is always entertaining thanks to the host Jon Stewart. I'm sorry to say that not even Jon could make Senator Kerry have any personality or charisma.That was the the most boring interview in the history of the show. Even Val Kilmer was more entertaining than Sen. Kerry. I have always voted democrat but now consider myself an independent because both parties are lacking something to me. I know that I am not voting for Bush. I don't agree with any of his policies but I have a question. Is John Kerry the best the Democrats could do as a candidate? How they let this man beat Howard Dean is beyond me. He should have been the candidate because at least he was genuine in his thoughts and ideas. Kerry is stiff, boring and rehearsed. He is the only reason Bush even has a chance. I will say one thing about George Bush, he understands the people from a basic standpoint. He know that they are likely to believe him even when he is caught red handed in a lie. Why? Because for all his flaws, he still seems like the kind of guy that if he wasn't president and invited you to his ranch, would throw a hell of a BBQ and fix a pretty good drink. Why do you think he even stayed close enough to Gore to win. He has what Clinton and Reagan had and Gore, Kerry, Dole, and Bush Sr. don't............The ability to make the American people listen and think the B.S. he is saying is a good idea.

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