Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blogging on a Breezy Saturday Night

After a week of what seemed like summertime weather today felt like colder than it probably was. I’m not going to complain about the weather because there are some people suffering after tornadoes yesterday. I always feel a connection to people who are victims of weather events. I want to send my condolences to those people and their families.

While I was out today I saw all the little girls selling those Girl Scout cookies. I didn’t realize how serious they took those cookies until I became a parent and had to come up with sales. The Girl Scouts don‘t play around with those cookies and you better not give your friend a box of thin mints without getting the money because they have every cookie counted to the exact penny.

I’m getting to the Saints bounty story in a minute………..

I am going to give Representative Austin Badon the benefit of the doubt and say I understand why he wants the National Guard to come in to police New Orleans. Everyone is tired of the crime rate and the police department has some challenges right now. I think his intentions are for the safety of the city. I’m sure there will be some people who feel safer if this happens but all I am going to feel is a sense of defeat. It will be like going back to January 2006 when I first came back. We might as well put X’s back on our houses and cut off all the lights past Franklin Avenue like the good old days. There’s no way Mayor Landrieu wants this to happen.

In many ways having the National Guard around would be fitting because I think the city is four years behind where it could have been now. Too many people blamed Ray Nagin for things that were far beyond his control to change. They refused to do anything because they had to make him look as bad as possible. Now Mayor Landrieu is in office and he has the same problems. Neither man could have fixed the problem by himself but we may be further along now if people were invested despite of Ray Nagin.

Rush Limbaugh learned a valuable lesson this week. You may get away with the comments about minorities because most companies don’t cater to us anyway. Child bearing women who want to have sex without getting pregnant spend a lot of money and there’s a problem when you talk about them. It shouldn’t have taken sponsors bailing out on his show for him to know he shouldn’t call that woman a slut.

Are we really at a point in our country where a 30 year old woman who likes to have sex can be seen as a negative for political gain? I can’t support any political group who thinks this is a negative.

I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the Saints bounty scandal. It’s not because I have an over romanticized view of the players on the team. It’s not because I am wondering if Tom Benson is going to fire everyone who didn’t stop it or the loss of draft picks. The thing I am having an issue with is that for how the Saints defense performed this entire scandal was a big waste of time. I would have had a real easy time accepting if the offense had a pool for how badly they could run up the score. That would have made sense to me. Maybe things were going on in the pile or off camera that I didn’t see but I can’t recall more than one or two times the Saints defense really delivered a serious hit on anyone.

The NFL picks on James Harrison from the Steelers but you can make a highlight reel of plays where he was trying to take someone out. I haven’t seen the visual evidence of the Saints doing anything yet. The media keeps bringing up the NFC Championship game against the Vikings because they lust behind Brett Favre and want to make it seem like dirty play cost the Vikings the game. If the Saints had collected the bounty that game he wouldn’t have been in the game late in the fourth quarter on the way down the field to win the game. Sacrificing the image of the franchise and being punished for a defense that played like the Saints did the last two years is like some fool getting 50 years for arm robbery when there was only 10 dollars in the register.

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Judy Thorne said...

Have you seen this?

The Wall Street Journal reviewed all of the Saints games from 2009 to present and found "Little Booty in Saints Bounties".