Friday, April 15, 2011

Sitting On My Porch Part Sixty Five

You should always strive to learn new things about yourself. You never get too old for that. This week I learned three new things about myself.

1. Although everything I planted a few weeks ago may die soon, I love gardening.
2. I went without my phone for about three hours today and realized I am addicted to constant information and technology.
3. I never really cared about him before but now I really don’t like Donald Trump.

It’s not even the fact that he thinks Barack Obama isn’t American or he used the term “the blacks”. It’s the fact that he’s getting all this attention. If I were a smarter person I could put the words together to explain how Trump’s sudden political popularity is the perfect example of racism, sexism, and class warfare. To put it in simple terms, only a rich white male with access to media could be taken this serious despite his past and lack of qualifications for a job like president. If Trump can get this much attention with his attitude and personality then I think Jay Z should run in 2016. By that time he’ll probably have more money than Donald Trump does now plus he and his wife has always had a good relationship with the whites.

I was surprised that the Republicans actually had a real vote on Congressman Ryan’s budget. I thought they were just starting off with the extreme and hoping that the Democrats would counter with something less drastic but still containing cuts that they could accept. My thing is that if we are in a crisis why everyone over 55 gets to keep their health benefits the way they are now. I think Congressman Ryan and his friends know older people vote and when older people start preaching about America spending too much and having to cut back they are not talking about anything having to do with them.

There’s no way the president could sign off on this plan but I could only imagine how the people from 50-54 years old would feel. You’ve been marking off the days on the calendar for when you can finally stop paying for that private insurance and get on Medicare and now it’s about to be taken away. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to any older people. I was raised to respect my elders. With that being said, it’s funny that people in their 50’s and 60’s made most of the decisions that got us in this situation to begin with and now they don’t want younger people to give up their safety net.

I want to tell David Simon and the folks connected with Treme that even though the mayor went ahead and demolished the block of blighted houses featured on your promotion pictures that you shouldn’t worry. We have dozens of blocks like that. You can choose a new one for each individual episode if you want to.

If the state of Michigan wanted to layoff 5466 teachers in Detroit and take over the city’s school system they should have waited until a flood and all the citizens are refugees before they did it. It’s easier to do those kinds of things when the people aren’t around to say anything.

The NBA playoffs are starting and the Hornets messed around and ended up playing the Lakers in the first round. I am torn because I can’t openly pull for another team going against my city but I have been a Lakers fan since I was a kid and first saw Magic Johnson and James Worthy in action. I made up my mind that I will just stay neutral and enjoy the games. My official prediction for the finals is Heat vs. Lakers with Miami winning in six games. I just can’t see anyone beating Wade and Lebron on the same team four out of seven games no matter who else is on their team. If Rick in Gentilly is reading this I want him to know that I haven’t forgot about our six pack bet from last year. I’m willing to go double or nothing.

This song is dedicated to the feral chickens of New Orleans.


Anonymous said...

cliff can i steal your idea of juxtaposing the self proclaimed worlds oldest teenager with our feral chickens?

steve said...

Great post Cliff, thanks.