Sunday, November 15, 2009

9-0 Came Harder Than I Thought It Would

First let’s go over the positives after today’s game….
  1. 9-0 is sweet no matter what. At the least we won’t have a losing season.
  2. Any long time Saint’s fan hates the Rams so anytime we beat them it is special.
  3. Reggie Bush has finally awakened and could finally start making me look like a football genius. He should have gotten the ball more late in the game.
  4. Will Smith has come to play this year.
  5. Every week we seem to be getting a big play from a different person. Today it was Courtney Roby and his kickoff return for a touchdown.

Now let’s go over some things that concern me….
  1. Turnovers!
  2. Tackling!
  3. We have too many injuries to the secondary. They missed Darren Sharper. I think Tracey Porter is going to be out awhile. We can’t make it for the long haul without him and Jabari Greer. If Porter is out for the season we can only hope that Randall Gay doesn’t have another game like that.
  4. Something is wrong with Drew Brees. He hasn’t really been on target since the Giants game.
  5. The offense made the game today way more difficult than it needed to be. Twice they could have gotten a first down and couldn’t get it down.

Sometimes you have to take an ugly win. It was the fourth game in the row that it looked like the team was sleep walking through the first quarter. I think they are developing a bad habit here and they need to stop it soon. Nevertheless I will take the win because at the end of the year no one remembers that a team was close to you. All that matters is that you win. Let’s try to make it past Tampa Bay without losing anymore players. Hopefully we can get a few back before the big bad Patriots hit town on Monday Night.

Steven Jackson is a beast!



i agree with you on brees.

that one pass he threw to the ground had me in an aaron brooks flashback.

hopefully greer and sharper will be back for new england.

it was nice to see sharper on the sideline today.

it makes me feel that he is part of the team if he gets to go on the road injured.

next week tampa and another ugly win or a loss.

no big deal either way in the big picture of the season.

let our boys heal.

no big deal.

new england in the dome will be a smash mouth blowout with the saints winning by 10 to 14 points

the only thing that sucks about that is they are in the afc.


amen to the steve jackson is a beast comment.

this is the fourth game where the saints have figured out a way to shut down a beast nay freak of the rushing of yards monster.

none of the wins were pretty but all were in the win column.

Leigh C. said...

Jackson looked like the second coming of Marshall Faulk out there. I mean, damn.

mominem said...

Reggie, finally lived up to your faith in him.

Beauty Jackson said...

I'd much rather work hard and win than work hard and lose, but we've got to get healthy for the Pats. I also agree with ALL of your assessments. Are they passing around the wacky tobacky in the locker room?

Deb said...

Congrats - again, Man!

BigCheze said...

lol i agree wit Beauty Jackson, " wacky tabacky"...lmao...good one.

nobody said, being undefeated was gonna be easy...we never been there, a true Saints fan, know even in some of our real ruff years, even a team thas 1-7 can be deadly....they have nothin 2 play for but 2 upset the "good teams"...sorta like tha Saints back in tha I dont care bout stats and all long as when tha final game clock hits 0:00, we win...stats are bullshit, ask the Titans and Patroits...