Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Discussion Gone Wild

The world famous E. did a better job explaining the details than I am about to do. I would suggest people read his post. I just feel like fussing.

I feel a lot better about the hood today and I have the health care town hall meetings to thank for it. Mainstream media tries to make everyone feel like the only place to find uninformed people acting out based on rumors and lies is in the ghetto. If I was a conservative person who was generally interested in discussing health care and one of these people started talking crazy at the meeting, I would stand up and whisper in their ear “Sit your ass down before we all look crazy”. What I have gathered from this whole scenario is that the insurance lobby must be all powerful because the people in the Republican party are willing to stir all up all this paranoia knowing they can’t contain it. There are only two things that can happen from this if it doesn’t stop. The first thing is the rhetoric is going to snowball away from health care into race, immigration and every other sensitive topic alienating their party for years. The other thing is you can’t guarantee what’s going to happen when you endorse an anything goes philosophy. A guy brought a gun to a health care forum today where the president was speaking. If we don’t calm down some of this drama something bad is going to happen. There’s going to be a tragedy and the rest of the world will be watching and thinking “look at those hypocrites who are always trying to civilize the rest of us”.

It would be one thing if there was actually a death panel in the plan or one of these other crazy rumors. I would be out there protesting too. I mean I want Barack Obama to do well but not enough to support a plan that would cause me to get put to sleep at 75 and my arthritis is acting up. It should be common sense that no American would be for something like that and it’s a damn shame that a lady that was almost one Jon McCain tragedy away from being president said something like that. She’s validated we made the right choice last November. This issue is too important for this madness to be going on.

Keith Olbermann was on this one.

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