Wednesday, July 5, 2006

My Co-Workers are the Best

Because of some moving around in the office area. My supervisor is sitting in the office where my desk is located for the rest of this week. He usually sits in his own office with the door lock and communicates by e-mail. Before Katrina our desks were back to back so it doesn't bother me that he is in here now. What does bother me is the two other people that are in here. First, we have M@## who spends the whole day with his lips applying constant suction to the J#@'s backside. He spends the whole day whining and complaining about stuff to put hisself in the position to take days off to rest his brain later down the line. I have never seen a person take off for as many strange reasons as he does. This morning he is complaining about the smell inside of his FEMA trailer. If he opened a vent after going to the bathroom he could fix that problem. If he takes a few days off to clear the smell out of that trailer, I am going to take two weeks to refurbish my BBQ grill.
Then we have the flowerchild R#$#$#. She is fresh out of college and thinks she is going to save the world on her own. She is constantly giving me bumper stickers and brochures about all these different organizations. I don't care right now. I have enough trouble trying to get basic services restored to my own house. Now since J@#$# is sitting in here with us, she hasn't stopped talking about work ALL MORNING. I can't be the only person who's nerves are being shot as the minutes go by. If this is what she is doing when she walks back and forth to his office all day I understand why he keeps the door locked. He's probably got a fifth of vodka in his desk. It's very selfish of him not to share a sip with me considering I have to sit here with them everyday when he leaves for his new office.

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