Friday, January 11, 2013

Walk with a Real One: Mama's Words

This is another edition of "Walk with a Real One" and this post is dedicated to the five foot something lady who has always been by my side whenever I need her.  Yes, I'm talking about my dear mother, the queen bee, the lady in charge.  I think if I tried to express what this lady means to me, I would need about 3 blog posts but the reason she's my focus of this post is because she,too, is joining the blogging world.  My mom has decided to do a blog called "Mama's Words" and I think its going to be really great once she gets it up and going.

My mom has a very creative mind and can come up with things right off the top of her head.  I would love to read about what my mom has on her mind and see how she puts it into words of her own.  Since I've moved out, i've made a conscious effort to go over when I can and see what's new and with the blog, I can know what's on her mind more often even if I'm not there.

So as I end this and brag on my outstanding mother some more,  I encourage everyone to read this and I know you're going to love it.  It must be something in the Harris bloodstream that gets those creative juices flowing.  This has been another edition of "Walk with a Real One" and I'll sign out with these words of encouragement: GO READ MY MAMA BLOG!!!


DebC said...

Man! I just love it when a young Black man show his love, respect and appreciation for his Mama (I am the mother of 2 grown sons myself)! Thank you for sharing that, my Brother. As soon as she gets it up and running, post the link and trust, I will be there to read it!

DebC said...

Oops! show=shows